Municipal Services

The following information outlines the policies and procedures as stipulated by municipal by-laws for the provision of municipal services.

Any individual or organization requiring municipal services must first come to the city offices to fill out an Application for Services. No municipal services are provided until after an application is filled out and the applicable fees are paid. Further, new trucked-water accounts require an inspection by a municipal employee of the water and sewage tanks before any delivery is made. This inspection is performed by the municipality after the application and fees are completed.

Regular water delivery will be Monday to Sunday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding any municipal and/or statutory holidays. At any time other than regular hours a water delivery will be determined a “call out”, and is subject to an additional charge.

For delivery information phone: (867) 979-5630
For billing information phone: (867) 979-5665
Water call out (dispatch) phone: (867) 979-5650


Municipal Service fees:

Deposit fee: $175.00 (refundable after a year of punctual payment)
Application fee: $26.75
Water call-out fee: $250.00
NSF cheque fee: $25.00
Meter connection fee: $250.00 (utilidor water and sewage)


Water rates:

Residential: $0.005725/litre
Commercial: $0.01538/litre
Industrial/Gov.: $0.01711/litre


Garbage rates:

Residential & Non-Profit: $36.30/month
Commercial/Government/Institutional: Min. charge (based on daily volume of 0.5 cubic metres or less) and a $25.00 charge per cubic metre over and above the minimum
-6 days per week(excluding Statutory Holidays) $363.00
-Bi-weekly $242.00