Tenders & Proposals


CAO Performance Review

Date of Issue: December 13, 2017

The City of Iqaluit is seeking Proposals (“Proposal”) from qualified proposers (“Bidders”) for human resources support, specifically a thorough performance review of senior staff.

The work is a comprehensive independent performance review of the Chief Administrative Officer of the City of Iqaluit, to be provided to the Mayor and Council for their decision and action, and possible work assisting with follow-up. Presently only one such performance review is contemplated; however, if there are others over the next three years, the successful bidder will be offered that work on the same terms.

Proposals must be submitted electronically, and ONLY electronically to CityReview@city.iqaluit.nu.ca. The subject line shall be: “Proposal for Comprehensive Performance Review; City of Iqaluit”

The emailed Proposal shall be submitted to the City of Iqaluit by no later than noon local time Iqaluit (Eastern time) on 11 January 2018 (“Closing Time”).