Human Resources

The Human Resources department is responsible for maintaining a functioning qualified workforce. It consists of a human resources assistant, payroll and benefits officer, occupational health and safety officer and a human resources manager. The goal of the Human Resources department is to train, promote and motivate city staff as a unit so they may better suit the needs of the public. The human resources department answers questions and tries to maintain an informed workforce. The department is devoted to serving the city’s needs so they may better serve the public and its demands.

Some of the Human Resources functions are as follows:

  • Training and development services
  • Maintaining a functioning workforce
  • Collective bargaining functions
  • Some support services
  • Payroll and benefits
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Managing and implementation strategies for staff
  • Implementing change in policies


Robyn Mackey - Director of Human Resources
phone:(867) 975-8506
fax: (867) 979-5210

Kylene Kanerva - Human Resources Specialist
phone: (867) 979-5619
fax: (867) 979-5210