Road Grading

May 09, 2017

Public Service Announcement

Road Grading

May 2017 (Iqaluit, Nunavut)

The City of Iqaluit wishes to acknowledge the concern expressed by our residents with the present state of municipal roadways.  Our roads maintenance crews have been working daily to keep atop of operational demands with the ongoing spring melt. 

Warmer weather and snow melt create ideal conditions for roads to degrade and potholes to form.  The roads maintenance crews are presently working to address all problem areas by clearing snow, clearing culverts, and maintaining the flow of water along road edges. 

Road grading along the more significantly impacted roadways is now underway; we kindly request the understanding of residents as we attempt to keep on top of all problem areas.  As we continue to address the situation, we would ask for your diligence when operating motors vehicles by reducing speeds, obeying posted road signs and respecting the space of roads equipment while they address these issues.

Your cooperation is appreciated.