Water and Sewer Bylaw 200 Info Sheet

August 08, 2018

Water and Sewer Bylaw 200

Info Sheet

The City’s Water & Sewage Bylaw (Bylaw 200) governs the provision of water and sewer treatment and supply services. The current and the proposed new bylaw can be found online at:

Current: https://city.iqaluit.nu.ca/content/water-and-sewer-bylaw-200

Proposed: https://bit.ly/2Om82AZ

  • Has essentially not been changed since 1989
  • Only allows City to provide services related to water such as delivery, collection, and treatment of wastewater
    • Private companies can provide these services with direct authorization from Council. The regulations surrounding this are not clear.
  • The City’s General Plan (Bylaw 703) set a limit of 2,000 litres of water delivery per day to businesses in trucked service zones
    • This is because the City does not have the operational capacity to service more to those areas and it would be cost prohibited to do so.
    • In some cases, businesses on trucked water/sewer in Iqaluit face restrictions in expanding their operations due to limited availability of water/sewer delivery. In some areas only piped water is available and sewage must be hauled by truck
    • Some businesses have proposed to haul their own water and/or sewage or hire private company to do this.


  • A licensing process is proposed to ensure  consistent standards for businesses who would haul water and/or sewage on the City’s behalf.
    • This is primarily to enable the City administration to create and administer a licensing process.
    • The servicing agreement would set limits within which the licensee can operate, such as required frequency of sampling, type and nature of analytical tests, quality criteria, quantity criteria, insurance requirements, etc.
    • The City would still be responsible for the water supply, determining the quantity haulers could collect, and the prices licensed haulers would pay for water and sewer disposal.
    • The City would remain the primary hauler of water and sewage for residents and businesses on trucked service
    • The main intent is to allow a mechanism for the City to meet a service demand over and above what it can currently provide.
  • A change to the way that interest is charged on overdue accounts is proposed so that it is consistent with other municipal services.




  • Would alleviate pressure on City’s water hauling services
  • Would promote business and industry expansion
  • Could provide additional support to City in times of need, such as transporting water to fires, if a City water truck breaks down, or after a blizzard
  • Could put additional strain on City’s water supply
  • May create additional work for Administration and Public Works to evaluate and monitor licensees